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Project Management and Construction Management Services for Transit Facilities Projects

Client: Orange County Transite Authority

As the PM/CM for OCTA’s transit facilities projects, Hout Construction Services, Inc. is responsible for managing the projects at five bus maintenance and operations bases (bus bases), five transportation centers, and two park-and-ride facilities. The individual construction projects for each facility varies in the range of $100,000-$2million each. OCTA has identified over twenty (20) individual projects to be completed by 2021. 


The Hout Construction Services team responsibilities include full project management/construction management services, agency coordination, document control, construction planning, project controls and construction oversight.

Metrolink Construction Management Program

Client: Southern California Regional Rail Authority

Mr. Hout was responsible for Metrolink’s construction management program in Southern California. He assisted SCRRA in constructing many of their heavy rail track improvements and several station development projects. The Construction Management Team under Mr. Hout’s leadership provided thorough constructability reviews, full service management and inspection experts, office and project engineers, track and station professionals, administrators and field office facilities to oversee construction of SCRRA’s 300 miles of track and station improvements.

Orange County's Light Rail System, Centerline Project

Client: Orange County Transportation Authority

Mr. Hout was involved in the planning and implementation of Orange County's light rail system commonly known as the Centerline project. As OCTA representative, he was involved with alignments, funding, preliminary engineering, and right-of-way and utility clearances for the project. The project was eliminated from Orange County's Transit Master Plan by the Board of Directors in 2008.   

Various Orange County Transit Projects

Client: Orange County Transportation Authority

Mr. Hout was involved in planning, designing, and constructing many of Orange County's bus maintenance and operations facilities, Park-n-Ride facilities, and transit centers.

Metrolink Track and Station Improvements

Client: Metrolink

Mr. Hout oversaw the construction of Metrolink's track and station improvements in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura.

California High Speed Rail Authority

California High Speed Rail Initial Construction Section

Project executive responsible for leading the Stantec/Jacobs Design Team as part of a Design-Build (D-B) team to plan, design, build, and operate a high speed rail system (System). Led the Statement of Qualifications (Phase 1) with the construction joint venture team of Dragados USA – Samsung – Pulice – CC Myers and secured a position on the short list with the California High Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA) for the initial $2 billion construction segment in Fresno. The D-B process is currently in Phase 2 of the RFP process. 

Orangethorpe Avenue Grade Separation

Client: Orange County Transportation Authority

Mr. Hout served as principal-in-charge and project manager for the construction management of the Orangethorpe Avenue Grade Separation project. This project will result in a safe separation of road from rail and will continue to improve Orange County's transportation system, which will alleviate current traffic impacts, enhance safety for citizens and visitors, and increase freight capacity. This project is composed of an elevated and skewed main overcrossing to span the BNSF railroad tracks, and two smaller structures crossing the existing flood channel. The main overcrossing structure is composed of two distinct portions: a cast-in-place, post-tensioned box girder and a pre-cast girder section, constructed in sequence on more than a thousand driven piles in close proximity to a residential area. The project will also include environmental, survey, and close interaction with BNSF railroad personnel and a host of third party stakeholders. Mr. Hout is leading the team to support OCTA through the bid period, pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction. 

Burj Dubai Fun Trolley Project

Client: EMAAR

Mr. Hout assembled a consulting team of professionals to provide engineering and construction services for the Design-Build of the Burg Dubai Fun Trolley project. The project consisted of a street car circulating people-mover around the tallest building in the world name the Burj Dubai (now known as Burj Khalifa). The trolley project was put on hold due to funding shortfalls caused by the world economic and financial crisis.

Dubai Monorail Project


As project executive, Mr. Hout provided consulting services in the area of program management and construction management to the Architectural and Engineering Innovation Bureau (AEIB) responsible for designing and constructing the Design-Build monorail system on the Palm Island in Dubai. This monorail project provided continuous service for the Palm Island to the Atlantis Resort.

Anaheim Fixed Guideway

Client: City of Anaheim

Mr. Hout assembled a consulting team to provide preliminary engineering and environmental services to clear the project for the City of Anaheim. The Anaheim Fixed Guideway transit project consisted of rail alternatives to provide a people-mover system between the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) to Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center. The future system is intended to provide connectivity between ARTIC and employment and activity center in the City of Anaheim.

Irvine Fixed Guideway

Client: Orange County Great Park Corporation

Mr. Hout assisted the Orange County Great Park Corporation in providing preliminary engineering and environmental services to clear the project for the City of Irvine. The Irvine Fixed Guideway transit project consisted of rail alternatives to provide a people-mover system between the Irvine Spectrum and the Great Park.  

Alameda Corridor Project

Client: Alameda Corridor

As principal-in-charge, Mr. Hout assisted on the Design-Build team for the construction of the Henry Ford Grade-Separation project. Mr. Hout and his team provided construction staking, project management, and construction management services.

Gold Line Design-Build Project

Client: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Mr. Hout assisted on the Design-Build team by providing construction staking, construction management and survey monumentation services to the Design-Builder.   

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